Umbrella of blooms

This week’s blog is by Assistant Head Gardener, Dave Hand…

“What a flowering season we are having at Aberglasney!  Our rose arbour, flowering trees and shrubs are laden with blooms of all colours, scents and shapes. They are relishing the cool spring and moist ground.  Despite the long wait for it to warm up, this has meant the flowering period for many plants has been prolonged including a collection of Cornus kousa ‘Chinensis’ trees that have formed an umbrella of blooms behind the plant sales area. 

“In the last couple of weeks, as I have been trundling my wheelbarrow past Jubilee Woods, a magnificent Great-leaved Magnolia macrophylla has caught my eye, for more than just it’s contrasting foliage against surrounding neighbours. Native to the south east of the United States & Mexico this Magnolia has the largest leaves of the genus growing to 1 metre (39 inches). It is adorned with creamy white flowers, of dinner plate proportions, which are apparently scented. I might need to wait for a flower to fall to check that fact out as the lowest blooms are out of reach of even a giraffe.

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