Time to plan for next spring!

This week’s blog is by Student Gardener, Tina Roberts…

“The tulips are out in every sense of the word: The Cloisters look stunning as the density of planting shows off the slate-coloured planters to their best, but the parterre and ticket house border bulbs are now over for another year.
“First cultivated over a thousand years ago in Persia we still have a passion for tulips today, and this is the most exciting part of the year as catalogues appear and websites tempt us with offers to buy. Now is the time to think about ordering for autumn planting and I’ve found myself really struggling to be sensible and only list a small number of varieties. I’ve pulled out the Munsell Colour System of hues and reflected on colour combinations and time of flowering. The early spring season just gone was the wettest on record for 130 years, according to the BBC, and our parterre suffered from the weather battering. This led me to think that, maybe next year, later flowering bulbs would stand a better chance against the elements, helped by choosing shorter stem lengths and planting in denser numbers or even creating willow supports.”  

Picture by Nigel McCall of the tulips in the planters in the Cloister Garden taken last week.

The images below are of the colour combinations in the Parterre from the past few years.

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