Valley Garden

This area of the Gardens has always proved to be a tricky piece of ground to grow and work, this is mainly because it is a valley in a valley, hence the name. Looking out to the south visitors enjoy a great view of the nearby hill fort and Tywi valley. The south facing border is planted for spring with one of our most effective and used combinations. The combination of snowdrops and Cyclamen (early and late) Pulmonaria and Tulips (mid spring) and a secret addition of the little known but excellent Iris lazica which flowers all winter. This area is a picture from January to June with the later planting being a subtle mix of Salvia Roses and summer flowering bulbs. The other side of the bank which is north facing is planted with a collection of shrubs with autumn in mind. There are also many new tree plantings of rare horse chestnut, Acer and an excellent form of Sorbus commixta called ‘Dodong Olympic Flame’. Careful thought has gone into this planting to allow for it to mature without obscuring the view from the valley in the valley. There is also a small seating area looking out across the valley which is affectionately known as gardeners rest.