Rose Wall

The inspiration behind this feature came from years of battling overgrown rambling roses in many different gardens. Rambling roses are a type of rose that is often overlooked or shunned as people are quite correctly afraid of its triffid like growth. However they are one of the easiest types to grow if you have the right spot. In our case this is a hundred meter long wall that has been planted with a collection of over thirty different varieties. Many of these will grow three meters a year and each year we prune them severely but carefully to keep them in check.

As a group rambling roses get very little black spot and always seem to thrive, they are great for the Welsh climate and often have wonderful hips as well. Generally they only flower once but when they do, it is a sight to behold. As they are so large they create huge displays that are really sensational and most are popular with bees and other pollinators. We grow them beside a wet bulb meadow that doubles with wild flowers to give the bees a large and long feast which is no bad thing. Historically rambling roses are steep in history and heritage with many hailing from China, they have been grown and bred in Britain for a very long time.