Aberglasney boasts many rare and unusual types of Magnolia. Amongst our visitors’ favourites is Magnolia ‘Felix Jury’. Bred in New Zealand by leading Magnolia breeders, Felix and Mark Jury, 'Felix' is a stunning new form which, once it reaches 5 - 6 years in age, will produce huge (up to 30cm across) bright pink flowers in early spring. Each flower is impressive in itself but as they appear in good numbers then the overall effect is really spectacular. It will perform best in a sunny spot with protection from strong winds.

Magnolia macrophylla is rare even in its native habitat of South Carolina, USA, and has the largest leaves of any Magnolia which can be up to 1 metre long, green above and silvery-grey beneath. Established plants have huge and fragrant creamy-white flowers, sometimes up to 30cm in diameter. With such bold foliage Magnolia macrophylla must be grown out of the wind in a sheltered situation and is susceptible to damage by spring frosts until mature. Once established it is fully hardy and a stunning tree. During the spring a map is available which will give you information on where to find all of our different Magnolia.