This week’s blog is by student gardener, Beth Large…

“Through the Stream Garden and down into Jubilee woods, the bluebells are starting to appear. Popping up through the wild garlic, these woodland UK natives – Hyacinthoides non-scripta – are most breathtaking in large numbers. The delicate flowers are deep blue and dangle on a curved stem. This makes them easy to tell apart from the Spanish bluebell – Hyacinthoides hispanica – which are altogether more outrageous in size. These have more robust, upright stems and larger bells of a typically paler blue. You can see them growing at Aberglasney as well, at the top of the Rose Garden.

“Blue is all over the garden at the moment. Tall Camassia hold their own in the corner beds of the Upper Walled Garden and also flood the Stream Garden en masse. Another favourite of mine from this week’s plant ident is Glandora prostrata ‘Heavenly Blue’, which has rosemary-like leaves and small blue flowers which spill over the wall by the Plant Sales area (pictured below). And if you wander down to the Old Cow Sheds, you’ll see an early flowering Wisteria. Having taken part in both the winter and summer Wisteria pruning, it’s a real treat to see these first blooms emerging.”

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