Tulip Companions

We have grown and used Tulips at Aberglasney for over eight years and slowly but surely over this time we have developed a certain style which seems to be really popular. Generally it is the Tulips that get all the plaudits but there certain companion plants which really set them off.

 Two of our favourite Tulip companions are featured above. The wonderful dark blue spires contrast beautifully with the Tulips adding the one colour that Tulips don’t have. The second is the Anthriscus or Black cow parsley. The delicate bronze foliage and soon to appear frothy white flowers add a delicateness to the tulip display.

The zesty lime green of many different Euphorbia also compliment many different Tulip combinations they also bring much need height to a spring border.

Another quiet contributor to the display is the delicate blue green foliage in the bottom right of the picture. At the time Tulips flower Thalictrum produce lush clumps of delicate foliage almost acting as ground cover or filler to highlight the Tulip flowers.

Another wonderful companion is this pink Ajuga or Bugle which provides a carpet of colour for the Tulips to push through.