The Gardens in Early May

The combination of sunshine and showers have been really goo for the gardens. The rain is keeping things fresh whilst the sun is bring out the flowers. Throughout the garden there are is a mass of colour at the moment. The spring perennials and bulbs are at their best whilst the spring flowering shrubs are coming to their best. Rhododendrons and Wisteria are probably the most spectacular thing in flower at the moment.

 A lovely new introduction to the Alpinum this year is Aquilegia canadensis which is more of a sun lover than its British relatives.

The Rhododendron in the Asiatic garden are looking spectacular at the moment and the whole area is a wash of colour.

 Another view of the Asiatic garden  where Magnolia ‘Daphne’ a special yellow Daphne combines with the Rhododendron.

Rhododendron ‘Hino Crimson’ in full flower in the Asiatic garden.

Two different views of the Wisteria arch which is in full bloom today. Each year it gets a little better and is already producing a fine show. Wat we love is the way the Wisteria starts to flower at the end of the Tulip season and bridges the gap between the spring and summer display. We also combine the Wisteria with Allium ‘Purple sensation’ which does the same thing and is just starting to flower.