Spring Cheer

As the fine weather continues the gardens are going from strength to strength with plenty more to see as the season progresses. The Rhododendron are just starting as are the Camassia whilst the Tulipa are in full swing. Its a pleasure to be working in such good weather and we just wish we could share it with people. Thanks to Nigel McCall we have some great images to share with you.

 A close up of the Pool garden colour scheme we are really happy with this combination and will move it into the sunken garden for next year.

 After eight years of growing the Cornus contraversa ‘Variegata’ is maturing into a lovely specimen which can be viewed from behind the new border on the piggeries lawn.

This more conventional spring combination of Hyacinth, Narcissus, Forget-me-not and a new Primrose has been really good and in flower for nearly two months.