Spring at its Best

This week the gardens are looking about as good as they ever have. The bulb and blossom display are both at their peak and looking better for the dry weather. As ever we have to mention the Tulips but there are many more things in flower throughout the garden.

All the wonderful images courtesy of Nigel McCall.



Above and below are examples of a new trick I have experimented with and we have been pleased with the result. In the background you will see a lovely stand of Clematis montana which is trained through Rosa ‘Blarii Number two’. At first glance it looks like a Clematis but then a keen eye spots the rose foliage. As the Clematis finishes flowering the Rose will start creating a second display.




 The bluebells in Pigeon wood


The Malus arbor is just starting to come to its best as is the rest of the blossom in the garden.
The Tulips in the upper walled garden really do look their best when complimented by the Camassia liechtlinii.