Iris at Aberglasney

Over many years Aberglasney has been developing its collection of Iris which are coming to their best at the moment. We grow well over a hundred different types now ranging from the traditional bearded Iris to many newly developed types. Currently the upper walled garden display is dominated by bearded ands Siberian Iris where as Jubilee wood has an array of moisture loving species and cultivars.

 Nestled in a shrub in Bishop Rudd this very rare and unusual Iris confusa ‘martin Rix’ produces wonderfully delicate flowers which although fleeting repeat over a long period. this is its best season yet.

 A new introduction into Pigeon wood Pool is this Siberian Iris called ‘Currier’ which has unusual white falls (throat) which is not often seen with the purple flowered forms.

Arguably the best of the bearded Iris and a long time favourite in the Upper walled garden is Iris ‘Jane Philips’ which produces masses of these wonderful pale blue flowers. For us it needs full sun in the very driest spots we have.

This wonderful Siberian Iris called ‘Ruffled Velvet’ has been growing in Jubilee wood since its inception and reliably flowers every year. For us its one of the best Siberian cultivars.

 Here Iris siberica ‘Perry’s Blue’ compliments Allium ‘Purple sensation’ in the Upper walled garden conveniently filling the spring gap after the Tulip displays. (photography by Nigel McCall).

Iris sibirica ‘Sparkling Rose’ is another fine cultivar that grows in Jubilee wood it is alos one of the best pink cultivars. (photography by Nigel McCall)