Early June in the Herbaceous Borders

After all the hot weather the gardens have had a welcome drink and look very well for it. The early summer displays are starting to come to their best with all sorts of treasures coming into flower. Pretty much all the areas of the garden look good at the moment but its the bog gardens and herbaceous borders that are the most colourful.

Jubilee wood as pretty much at its best art the moment with Iris and Primula carpeting the borders above is our trusted combination of Iris ensata, Primula and Hosta which never ceases to impress.

Thank you to Nigel McCall for he lovely image.

The Glasshouse border is looking particularly good at the moment and there are a lot of new additions such as this Nigella ‘Miss Jekyll’ which works really well with the Lysimachia atropurpurea.

Also in the glasshouse border we have grown a lot more of the later flowering Allium like this Allium cristophii which has huge heads in comparison to its relatives and makes and excellent display as can be seen below.

Elsewhere in the garden there are other quieter new additions that are equally beautiful such as this Pimpinella major ‘Rosea’ which has turned out to be a wonderful addition to both herbaceous borders and the woodland.