Disability and Access Guide for Aberglasney Gardens 

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to Aberglasney’s suitability for those with disabilities but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer visitors. 

Aberglasney is open every day of the year except Christmas day and welcomes all visitors. We aim to provide the best possible access to our Gardens, the Mansion House, Tearooms and Glasshouses to ensure you have an enjoyable visit.

Spring to Autumn (March-October):
10am to 6pm, with last entry at 5pm

Winter (October-March):
10.30am to 4pm, with last entry at 3pm

For the exact dates when we change between our ‘spring to autumn’ and ‘winter’ opening hours, please see our Opening Times page. 

Aberglasney is located 4 miles west of Llandeilo and 13 miles east of Carmarthen, just off the A40 near the village of Llangathen. To find us using your sat nav use the postcode SA32 8QH. 

For further details and a map of how to reach us please see the Finding Us page. Alternatively, you can use Google maps: simply enter your postcode and ours, which is SA32 8QH, to get directions. 

For sat nav, please use the postcode SA32 8QH. 

From Llandeilo, follow the signs for Carmarthen (A40) and then the brown tourist signs for Aberglasney Gardens. 

From Carmarthen, follow the signs for Llandeilo (A40) and then brown tourist signs for Aberglasney Gardens. 

Our main car park has 70 spaces. The main car park surface is tarmac which can support pushchairs and wheelchairs but that can become slippery in icy weather. The furthest parts of the car park are surfaced in gravel, but this surface is still suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. 

Parking is free. 


Disabled parking is on the tarmacked surface of the car park near the main entrance to the Gardens and clearly marked with green signs. Users of these spaces must display their Blue Badge. 

Parking for up to five coaches is available in our coach park and we operate a drop off system for coach visitors (the drop off point is marked on our visitor map). Small mini buses can use either the main visitor car park or the coach park, but during busy times drivers of mini buses are encouraged to drop off and use the more spacious coach park. 

Bicycle racks are provided behind the wooden hut at the entrance. 

Entry to the Gardens is via the car park and through the main entrance down a small slope to the shop where admission payments are made. There is a ramp to enter the shop if required (next to the toilets) or alternatively 3 steps. If a visitor needs to borrow a wheel chair we encourage a member of the party to go ahead to the shop to collect it. The admissions/shop assistant will provide a map of the Gardens which shows a step-free route around the Gardens (in yellow). The step-free route is marked as flat (a solid line) or with a gradient (dashed line). 

The shop doors open outwards. 

The shop veranda and shop internal flooring is flagstone which although level, naturally features some minor surface imperfections. 

The shop and adjacent plant sales area are accessible by wheelchair. 

We have wheelchairs available to hire (free of charge) for visitors who find it hard to walk long distances but are 3otherwise able, have reasonable eyesight, reactions and hand grasp. We advise you book a wheelchair in advance during busy periods by calling our reception team on 01558 668998. To collect a wheelchair, please ask an admissions/shop assistant in the shop. 

Our staff will give you simple instructions on using the wheelchair. 

We advise you not to use wheelchairs on grassed areas. 

Some paths are not accessible by wheelchairs users – please refer to the step-free route marked on the map of the Gardens. 

Our staff receive regular training in First Aid and Emergency Evacuation procedures. 

Our fire alarm is a continuous ringing of a bell. Our staff will oversee an evacuation in the event of a fire alarm sounding. 

We follow evacuation procedures – should you require it, someone will assist you with evacuation from the Gardens or to a safe fire assembly point within our site. 

Around the Gardens

The Gardens have an extensive network of paths which provide convenient access to most areas for all users including those on mobility scooters and in wheelchairs. Please note that many of these paths are sloping as the Gardens are situated on a site with a pronounced slope. 

Most external paths are gravel or paving. 

In the woodland areas there are some wood chip paths and some steep slopes. These are identified by doted lines on the visitor map and can be avoided if necessary without missing many parts of the garden. 

There are steps in many areas of the garden. Where these are steep, there are handrails. 

To avoid stepped and/ or steep routes please follow the dashed step-free route on the map (shown in yellow). 

Visitors can walk on the grassed areas but please be careful as they are often very wet. 

The Mansion House has two step-free entrances, one underneath the entrance portico (opposite the North Lawn) the other at the back of the House which leads directly into the ‘Ninfarium’. 

The entire ground floor of the Mansion House is accessible to wheelchair users. The only steps lead from the ‘Arcade Room’ into the ‘Jill Walters Room’. Wheelchair users can access the ‘Jill Walters Room’ from the Ninfarium 

Access to the ‘Ninfarium’ is covered below under the heading ‘Glasshouses’. 

These consist of the Ninfarium (inside the Mansion House), the Old Piggeries Glasshouse the Melon House. 

The Ninfarium and the Old Piggeries Glasshouse have level or ramped ground floor access paths which are tiled or concrete. The Old Piggeries glasshouse has no steps and is a flat area. 

You enter the Ninfarium from the Mansion House main hall or via the rear door of the Mansion House. Two of the pathways through the Ninfarium do have steps but the side paths are all step-free. 

The Melon House has a step at the entrance but can be viewed without entering. 

Please use the map provided on arrival to guide you to these areas. 

The Tearooms are accessed from the Pool Garden and has a disabled toilet. 

The Tearooms Terrace area is also accessible to wheelchair users. 

The Tearooms use a combination of counter and waited service as appropriate. Please feel free to ask for assistance, we will be happy to help in any way we can. 

Wheelchairs are permitted in the Tearooms. 

Our Education Facility is located in the former Cow Sheds of the Aberglasney Home Farm. 

Access to the Education Facility is through a number of different step-free entrances 

The building is on two levels but with a ramp connecting these two levels 

The building has its own disabled toilet 

Our main customer toilets are located on the left-hand side of the shop. 

The doors to the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s toilets open inwards. The doors to the Disabled toilet and baby changing facilities open outwards. 

The Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s toilets have regular taps (turn on and off), hand dryers and paper towels. 

The Disabled toilet has lever taps, paper towels but no hand dryer. 

The baby changing facility has regular taps (turn on and off), paper towels but no hand dryer. 

There are Ladies’, Gentlemen’s and a Disabled toilet with baby changing facilities in our Tearooms. 

The doors to the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s toilets in the Tearooms open inwards. The doors to the Disabled toilet and baby changing facility opens outwards. 

The Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s toilets in the Tearooms have regular taps (turn on and off) and paper towels. 

The Disabled toilet/ baby changing facility in the Tearooms has lever taps and paper towels but no hand dryer. 

The door to the Disabled toilet in the Education Facility opens outwards. The wash-hand basin has lever taps and there are paper towels to dry your hands.