The Flowering of Aberglasney by Graham Rankin


In ‘The Flowering of Aberglasney’, Graham Rankin – Aberglasney’s founding Head Gardener – shares his experiences, memories and secrets of transforming Aberglasney, in the years 1999-2009, from bare earth to wonderful established gardens.

To open this book is to have the privilege of embarking on a personal guided tour of these special gardens. The author shows you Aberglasney through all the seasons and provides insights into the past. Graham is also a first-class photographer, and has recorded the progress and the plants in hundreds of breath-taking images.


Product Description


  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Chapter One – A Garden Lost in Time
  • Chapter Two – The Cloister Garden
  • Chapter Three – The Old Walled Gardens
  • Chapter Four – The Hill Behind the House
  • Chapter Five – The Pool and Beyond
  • Chapter Six – The Ninfarium
  • Note on Photography
  • Index
  • Plan of Aberglasney

239 page hardback

ISBN 978 0 9562782 0 3

Published in 2009 by Aberglasney Enterprises Limited on behalf of Aberglasney Restoration Trust